NEW YORK | 115 Nassau St (5 Beekman) | 687 FT | 47 FLOORS




Nice photos, Tec! I like this tower.


Very nice photos you took, Tectonic!
And I like this tower as well. :slight_smile:


[ Facebook Photo ] by Chris Cummings, on Flickr




The back looks so hideous. It shouldn’t be legal for buildings that tall to have a “back” that’s just blank, unfinished concrete. Ugh.


Very nice shots of the building and its surroundings, Tectonic!






That’s a very nice architectural photo. Actual tilt-shift lens, or Photoshop?

It’s quite serendipitous that you can view the whole Beekman complex unobstructed from this angle just as it’s being finished. It’s lovely.


There’s still a tiny bit more work to do. They haven’t put in the last of the stonework around the main front door (the column caps), and dark screens will replace the orange construction netting at the very top mechanical area. But otherwise it’s pretty much done. (From this view, that is. There’s still a construction elevator in full use on the opposite side.)


Nice photo, Tec.


The impact of this on the skyline is very bad. It looks like a third-world unfinished POS with the blank wall of concrete. The top should have four parapets not two, the balance is off (or they should stretch from N side to S side).

I think when viewed from the N this looks good but from all other perspectives it becomes “meh” to “omg what is that ugly thing over there and why would someone put a blank wall 600’+ into the Manhattan skyline”

It’s clearly visible from Ground Zero/across the Hudson…


Agree 100%.


has anyone been around the other side of this tower? I haven’t been downtown in awhile but looking at the WTC earthcam it looks like they did some facade work on the blank wall. Looks like they added some of those cross bracings and a sort of grid which makes it look more in line with the rest of the tower. Still concrete, though.


Oh interesting. I hadn’t noticed yet, but yes, that’s definitely new.

Before and after:


That’s the equivalent of the zebra stripe effort on Maiden Lane :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ugh. I just confirmed that’s nothing but paint. It’s not a bad design, it’s just poorly done.