NEW YORK | 115 Nassau St (5 Beekman) | 687 FT | 47 FLOORS


This building is definitely the most underwhelming of any of the new Downtown condo towers.


Fortunately, it will be completely obscured by 29 Park Row.


definitely a 1st ballot inductee to the skyscraper hall of shame…


I think it’s a decent tower. We’ve been getting so many spectacular buildings that anything short of an icon is disappointing. If this tower were rising in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, Phoenix, etc., people in those cities would be creaming their pants.

It will look even better when they finish installing all of the grills over the cross-bracing.

May 13th

Up close, the patterned concrete is distinctive.


I didn’t see these stone elements on this building so upclose. And yet, they add a nice touch on this skyscraper beside the grills.
Good to know that and great pictures too, robert. I really liked the third and fourth.


Thanks, Dragon.


I agree. I’ve kinda said in the past that IMO, this tower is a lot prettier in person. Like, outside of seeing it up close with the naked eye, it looks terrible, but I feel this is one of those towers that pictures can’t tell the whole story. Kinda like 432 Park. Not very photogenic, but kinda nice in person. In the end, its a passable tower. Might be one of those cases where it will grow on people.


Personally I dont like it. That said, it is not in a prominent location so it wont be a big deal either way.

And Walpole is right. This would be a major skyline in any other city in the US except maybe Chicago (if it were in the loop).


And plus too, it will be totally obscured by 29 Park Row.


IMO it might have been cool if they had put some sort of a black and ornate neo-gothic panel that can relate architecturally to the lobby or even the Woolworth building just across the street.

Then you would have 8 spruce street (silver gray), 5 Beekman (black), and Woolworth (off white) = balance of light and dark colors haha


The main reason in my opinion people dislike this tower is because of it’s location. It is just surrounded by jewels. I mean, it is right in front of the 1899 park row building, across the street from woolworth, right by the city hall, behind the potter building, almost opposite New York by Gehry, it is completely out of it’s league. The building itself IMO is not terrible and in a different city or even to an extent in a different area of NYC it would be passable, but here it just looks stupid, plus it sticks out like a sore thumb.


Bonus shot.

I love the old Customs House!





May 28th


June 3rd


Nice shots, robert!


Thanks, Dragon!




Great photo.

I like this tower. Anyway, it will be obscured by the new Cook Fox tower.