NEW YORK | 115 Nassau St (5 Beekman) | 687 FT | 47 FLOORS




Last Fri


Taken on 10/27

Can’t wait for those J&R buildings to be razed


Pic by me


Nice photos , VG and Chris.

I’m sure that Antinimby and Cynism have plenty of negAtive comments about this since they bash everything in NY. The funny thing is that they’re not even from NY and come here only periodically to see Chippendales reviews.

That they haven’t been banned suggests to me that they’re giving “favors” to the mods.


^ Cheers!!

Architectural Model Tursday!!




I like that, and I’m not talking about the tower!


An architect / engineer thats not a dude is nice every once in a while. Change is good. :wink:





20160202_132548 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr




Feb 20th


Feb 25th


Credit: [URL=“”]The Vertical Aesthete[/URL]




the ever barfalicious 5 Beekman


Wow, if the picture isn’t weeks old, then I’m glad that those claddings and stuffs were removed from the top of the Woolworth Building!
This picture is nice because you can see the Woolworth Building’s ‘opened face’ along with the topped out 5 Beekman and 30 Park Place. :slight_smile:


They’re installing the grills over the X’s

Cinco de Mayo