NEW YORK | 112 Liberty St | 327 FT | 30 FlOORS


A great scoop by Yimby! I’ve always wanted these filthy eyesores to come down!


It’s a shame that the developer couldn’t get the BK and the eyesore next to it on Trinity.


Fianlly! That whole nasty block across from 4 WTC needs to go.However, that BK has been there for decades, I don’t think its going anywhere lol.


more hotels in the area is probably bad news for 5 WTC, but oh well. There’s still a disconnecting superblock-like feeling between south of the WTC and the rest of the Financial District. (although maybe that’s because of the lack of a tower at the site of 5 WTC…) Taller towers where this kind of junk exists will be good for the urban environment. (im of course not referring to the older, charming midrises)


Eminent domain has its uses. That Burger King is one of them. Bloomberg admin helped Bank of America clear their site. No reason de Blasio shouldn’t help clear junk near wtc


It would nice if these new developments, particularly hotels, put retail at their base instead of just a lobby and landscaping. Many new buildings may look nicer than the buildings they replace but on the ground level they kill vibrancy.