NEW YORK | 112-120 E 11th St | Disgusting!



If its like anything else out of MOXY, it will be cheap, and tacky.


I wouldn’t care if it was by Stern. These are great old buildings.


for god’s sake, this is a neighborhood

expect an offset street wall, cheap cladding, plastic windows, exposed a/c vents just so you can house more tourists


If the design for this is bad I will personally oppose it.


Those old buildings are quite nice, so it’s a crime for them to come down, even in the unlikely event that the new building is nice, which I doubt.


Couldn’t agree more. I was cringing when I reported on this.


These buildings are beautiful.



Not only are they nice-looking buildings, they also provide dozens of units of dense, (relatively) affordable housing. And on top of that, this provided traction for the NIMBY nuts at GVSHP in their mindless drive to downzone the neighborhood. They featured this project in their downzoning presentation.

This is an atrocity.


I agree



The Preservation Department in NYC is bullshit. That these buildings and the little gem on Fifth, among others, are being razed is a f.cking disgrace.

When Solow the putz razes the gems on 57th Street, it will be the ultimate blow to the nads.


Looks very good. Brings much-needed density and big improvement over the dumpy tenements. Stonehill & Taylor always do decent designs.


destroying a row of old apartments AND breaking the streetwall? yikes. I’m no NIMBY, but I cringe at 're’developments like this.


Yeah what went on here was an urban crime. This is a rape of the neighborhood. And what will rise here is not stellar one iota.


Now you can oppose it


Putz !


Atrocious!!! I will protest side to side with Nimby’s on this one.
How dare they tear down those beautiful townhouses
The Hutzpah!!!


Wow. Life is not fair lol.