NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS




Is this tower still known as the Steinway Tower?


I don’t think it was ever known as Steinway Tower. That was a nickname that caught on.


Really? It seems like a legit name and it fits well, I think it should be its official name. Deffinetly better than calling the tower by its address


I prefer Steinway because of the tie to NY history here in Manhattan and Astoria.


Hopefully they don’t brand it as the New York Staircase. Oh wait, that’s already a thing! (Yes, I know they’re looking for a new name for the Vessel)


What’s wrong with Vessel?



Oh I knew that. My question wasn’t at you. I just think Vessel is unique, memorable and works just fine. Why change it?



I wasn’t expecting the 88th floor to take this long, but I understand it’s because of the tuned mass damper. I expect concrete to be done in late March


Isn’t there also a transition to steel at some point near the top?


Yes, scroll up a few posts and you’ll see some information I provided about that


A visual of the future progress…again


It still quite amazes me how much is left to go on this and CPT.



Thats why we need to follow as many ‘under construction’ projects as possible, at the same time: otherwise these forums would be about as exciting as watching grass grow…hehe


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What project is that on the bottom left?


106 West 56th Street