NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS


Looking forward to seeing your photos. BTW, this is Paul too - nice name.


Ha yes, same… I think I was on wiredny since sheesh, 2002 ? maybe earlier, I just can’t remember!

Here’s a video from when wiredny planted a garden to commemorate a member who tragically passed (i think this was Spring 2006), you might be in that video if you went, i don’t know! i’m wearing the tan shirt at about 10 seconds in


Thanks tone99loc. I remember that event: but was not there on that day. I am glad to give a wave to a former WiredNY member - I bet there are a few more in this group that were also ‘regulars’ on WNY. I recall you were willing to help me put together a map/listing of new developments for the forum, but that only got started before WNY went bust. This is a great forum: friendly people, sharing good information on new RE development in the city. I will look out for you posts - glad we connected.


If anyone interested, there is a vote for 2018 building of the year for this project:


wiredny was my gateway drug into the wonderful world of NY architecture also back in 2001/2…right after 9/11, when we were talking about things like “will we ever break through the 1000 ft plateau”… or when the likes of 58 Leanard or 8 Spruce were revealed: felt like it was from a scifi movie and nobody believed that anything like that would ever be build or could ever be possible…look at us now :slight_smile:


Your comment gives me hope that we will see a 2000 footer one day.




Wired New York was a good start (gateway drug) as you say, but now I am hooked on YIMBy and Field condition. They are the pure ,uncut, Architectural infotainment. Keep the faith my friends, and let’s keep our eyes on that ever growing horizon. Cheers to the WNY vets.




Absolutely. WiredNY was a start. Then we had the slimy skyscrapercity as robertwalpole would attest. Now we have YIMBY. The gold standard for folks who love the greatest city in the universe.



Couple more from yesterday


Flew into Newark last night at 10 pm, My flight to Mexico City takes off in 2 hours. Wasn’t planning in going into town but couldn’t resist hahaha. Jet lag helped me stay awake while I walked around enjoying the city. What an amazing place. Was hoping to get some good shots however it was very misty at night, whilst you can’t see construction it does have a very "Gotham quality to it, hahah was stunning in person, sorry for shitty quality.


looks like I got the same angle this morning


Cheers to that sentiment. Is Robert W, the same WNY forum member that had a tag name something like ‘turtle bay’. I see there may be a few WNY vets who are regulars on here and my other favorite ‘field conditon’.


I miss daquan.


Oh man, that is a blast from the past - Daquan was great. Yes, he was one of my favorites.


1,149/1,428, 80%