NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS


It should be out of frame when topped out right?


In the recent 2 photos, yes


Definitely excited about these super-skinnies, but also thinking about the fact that we need some more thicc ones in the skyline.

plays Bruno Mars’ “Chunky”


Personally I like having only super slender towers near Central Park but in other areas nearby I think we indeed need more chubsters.

I especially favor 1 Vanderbilt and Manhattan West but we could use a couple more.


Given the plot size and the air rights assembled, the JPMorgan tower should be an absolute beast.


I like thick (e.g., Jo-Lo, Salma Hayek, et al)!


terracotta making more progress


Does anyone know how many floors remain until all of the dramatic setbacks start?




About now, it’s already on the 4th setback! And 1,013 feet tall

Click for full image


Credit: Rich Ryan


76/91, 84%
Only 14 floors left to be poured. Then I’m sure the steel crown will rise after


And if 4 floors were made in the past 20 days, this tower could top out it’s floors by Thanksgiving


I do wonder the speed of the ornament (crown) given its complexity.



That white brick building is heinous.


topping out anticipated for January

Rising 1,428 feet above the landmarked Steinway Hall, 111 West 57th Street’s new condominium tower recently surpassed the 73rd floor, with topping out anticipated for January 2019



Hi everyone i was in NYC this week. Pictures coming…