NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS





One more floor to the setback, currently 930 feet tall




Guess this is gonna surpass CPT?


I doubt this will catch up to cpt. 100+ feet to make up and cpt is flying


Yeah? I feel like CPT hasn’t grown too rapidly in the last month or so.


CPT has definitely slowed in progress.


It has for a bit, but it’s very close to 1,100 feet


CPT has about 10 times the concrete as this building. its not nearly comparable.



Still can’t get over how bonkers skinny this thing is! Hard to imagine how it’ll look when completed.
A modern masterpiece.



Pic by me. Taken today.

All of the 57th Street supertalls visible. Quite dramatic view once completed.

Can see 111 W 57th piercing the skyline, soon to pass One57.

Also a side note on Waterline Square. Really “thickens” this part of Midtown on the left. Thicker is always better as Chris saids. Skinny… eh… its alright, but I like them thick where it counts. :wink:

nyc23 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


that’s a cool photo, love the contrasts, take it again on a blue sky day


CPT now appears taller than 432 from that perspective.