NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS



really great view and shot!






Looks like I’m going to have to update my 3d model


LOL, Thomas.

In reality this is just a nuisance lawsuit. These investors have been complaining and filing lawsuits for 2.5 years now, to no avail.

Project is full speed ahead and nuisance lawsuits aren’t unusual with projects of this complexity.


I agree. That article is moronic.


The NYPost is the journalistic equivalent of explosive diarrhea.
Absolutely no journalistic integrity.




Yes and the article even ends w/the quote: “In all likelihood this dispute will resolve and the skinniest skyscraper, as contemplated, will eventually rise,” Sladkus said




no sign of any plans to stop from @jdsdevelopmentgroup



August 11th, 2017


From today, by me


You’re the man or woman Street :). I took the same as shots as the two.


Those tiles make me tingle in all the right ways


Man, the wikipedia page has this listed as a dead project! I had to come here just for reassurance!


Here we go.