NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS


Thanks, Street


JDS Development Group posted this on their Instagram. If you look at the lower right pages on the wall, I’m pretty sure those are detailed elevation views of the electrical work of the crown. I wish they’d show the front of that beauty lol





From yesterday

Colin Alexander



Blank walls break my balls



Gentlemen. It appears we have liftoff!


I agree, Gent


Seems like the major hurdle is over. Should shoot up like that rocket. Fast!

Now it’s race between CPS and 111 W 57th.


I have a feeling this may surpass CPT until this reaches the set backs which may slow it down due to the continuous alterations to the form work.

CPT has set backs, however they appear simpler in form with far less of them.


User Davea500


Safety nets being installed, grab your seatbelts. Vertical jump imminent.


What’s the building in front of it? It will surpass that one in a few weeks for sure.


That’s the Trump Bldg on CPS.


Thanks Robert.
I always imagine you as Salma Hayek now, it’s as if she’s talking to me.
I feel quite special