NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS


They are aiming for a 2018 completion so I think it will move fast.





Thanks , New



Great pics Robert!


From March 24th (4 days ago)



over the next month we should start seeing this tower become noticeable. You photo probably gives the best perspective yet on where we are.


Awesome perspective. Any idea where that was taken from?


I have no idea, but it really is a great angle


I’m going to guess it was taken from the Parker Meridien…but not sure. I know they’ve got views from there


Thanks, Street.

Ps: Great photos!


This tower is kinda sublimely rising. Doesn’t look like much is going on, but it’s happening. To think that it hasn’t even really risen yet. Has so much more to go.

Even with Verre, looking at the current status and the renderings, given you an idea of how tall it will be. Already has some height to it.


I agree. This is going to be an instant landmark.


Can be viewed from Central Park now! Today by me.



That second shot is classic NY! One might expect to see Holden Caulfield gallavanting around the park.


Some shots from today by davea500 on SSC.


should be noticeable from central park in a month


Its finally started to distance itself from the other buildings. Noticeable in its own right