NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS




What is wrong again? They were going up pretty fast.


It’s making clear progress. I think this will be topped out by this time next year.



Nice one , 5b.


Thanks - not going to win any architectural photo awards here but what the heck, not much else to see w/this from ground level.





thanks, Robert! Any estimate as to how many floors are being completed per week. Greater than 1 per week?


My pleasure, Dave.

I’m not sure, but now that it has surpassed its neighbors, it should fly up.



New copper roof for Steinway hall!




I guess it’s gonna have to match the new tower. I dont mind


Me too


this is probably my favorite of the colored renderings. I can’t wait to see this breach the CP skyline.



Clear progress. Up we go!


I agree, Arbre. This will fly now.


You’d think this would rise faster than 53W53.


I think it will because it seems like the next 700’ are pretty simple, repetitive floor plates: