NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS


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I agree. 111 W.57th and 30 Hudson are IMO the best ones rising. When 9 Dekalb over in DoBro starts rising, that as well.




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My pleasure, Street. This should surpass the old buildings soon.


Are there any nearby earthcams that we can watch this rise with? Like with 432 Park?



The tower is now slightly higher than the building to the east and at equal height to the one to the west!

This will soar soon!!


you’re doing the lords work! thanks!


Central Park Tower got a big head start, but this is gonna soar past it, I believe


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I agree with you, Streetscaper.


From JDS Instagram: “Breaking through Steinway.”




How high is the structure currently?


So, is south at the top of this photo? if so, tower is too the left even w/ Steinway?