NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS


Nov 21


OMG this is the slowest building everrrrr


I know. Its sucks too because its one of the best. Ah… that is called an architectural tease. Either that or some form of torture for us tower lovers.


total torture! the pace of this has me so anxious! i pray to the baby jesus daily that it gets finished.


I can’t deal with the slow rise of this building


This will soar soon.


The foundation on this skyscraper is no joke, there’s never been a structure as tall and slender like this one ever constructed. But because of its XS footprint it will shoot up!


From last weekend




A new crane?


jumped and tied in


Thats a good sign




Nov 28


It’s rising, people.
Pricing starts at $16m




Dec 5


Great pics Robert. Shows us some nice progress. It looks like it’s cleared on almost all sides but the west side of the building. Could you snap a pic from 6th ave so we can see the progress of the eastern side of the building next time it is that you’re there. These pics below are from sept 23.


Thanks, Streetscaper!

I certainly will.


Dec 9