NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS


Wow! The second to the last shot, it looks like the top half is floating!


Thanks for sharing these pictures – amazing collection!


This building is unbelievable!





Taken today:



View from GM building


impressive from all angles


4 floors away from the next setback


Has anyone seen this?



awesome video… does anybody know what building this is though?


That appears to be Vornado’s assemblage at 29-31 W 57th.


one of the visions for 36 Central Park South, inaccurately superimposed. The Park Lane wold be demolished for it.


this is an old rendering of the park lane proposal. Almost most definitely will not look like that irl


Michael Stern
CEO, JDS Development
You hired an architectural historian to work at your firm. Why?
We do a lot of projects that have a landmarked or historic component. Architectural historian Marci Clark really helps us to identify the fabric and the DNA of what was there so that we can properly tell the story of what’s coming. In addition to [conducting] historical research, she really helps make sure that everything we do has design integrity, isn’t arbitrary and, you know, overly trendy.
You’re worried about being overly trendy?
I’ll give you a great example. At 111 West 57th Street, we’re designing a very tall tower that’s integrated with a wonderful landmark. We wanted to do a tower that was complementary to the landmark but wouldn’t overwhelm and mimic it — that’s a hard balance to find. We don’t want to make it look like a spaceship landed in a neighborhood. Very often, the past informs the right thing to do in the future, so to have somebody who can tell us why and how a neighborhood, or a building, came about in the first place is really helpful.

And you can tell. This building fits in seamlessly with its surroundings. The gold of the building compliments the gold on the Steinway Hall, the building (engineering marvels aside) looks like it could have always been there.
JDS (along with SHoP) is a gift to the city.


If anyone from SHoP or JDS is reading this…I’m tossing my hat into the ring as the official photographer/videographer for your next project. I would happily quit my day job to work w/you guys


Great shots!! Did you take them from that hotel bar across the street?


yeah really nice view from there. Waymond Wamano took a great shot of the Nordstrom awhile back from the roof of Carnegie Hall, which probably is a great vantage point for this too.