NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS








The City!






Nice shot, Street!!!






Cladding on the east facade.


Nice shots, Jc!!!




Nice pictures and this is a great start for this tall thin tower! :smiley:


I would be interested to hear a response to what seeem to me valid criticism of some of the material choices; perhaps from the architect Greg P. Or a staff member of the firm.

I don’t doubt there are several good justifications for the material choices: perhaps there is a modern day way to impregnate terra-cotta with corrosion resident chemicals. There are answers to your many insightful observations, none of which I can offer, but there is time and space on this thread for an expert opinion to emerge.

Great post about this building: enjoyed reading every word.


The perfect pictures everyone was waiting for!


It’s really starting to shock just how thin and tall this building is going to be. Personally I am not a fan of thin supertalls for the rich doting the NYC skyline. They’re not massive economic engines like One Vanderbilt or the WTC towers and Hudson Yards. However I do hope this will pleasantly surprise me and add a positive to the skyline.


This building is similar to 234 Park; and will be similarly disliked by vast members of the online commenting community. That being the case, I know many would disagree, but I find the aesthetic to be; handsome, refined, minimalist, and generally visually pleasing.

However, context is important, I would not appreciate the look of this building as much if it were surrounded by numerous other ‘minimalist’ structures of the same glassy, flat, tall, and smooth appearance. These minimalist buildings are are fine by me: let’s just not overwhelm the cityscape with too much of the same.

In regard to socio-economic implications of the building; I will generally not consider that aspect. My primary concern: is it aesthetically pleasing, do I find it attractive and ‘well designed’ - is the built environment around me now a better, more beautiful place.