NEW YORK | 111 West 57th St | 1,428 FT | 91 FLOORS


Yes and the article even ends w/the quote: “In all likelihood this dispute will resolve and the skinniest skyscraper, as contemplated, will eventually rise,” Sladkus said




no sign of any plans to stop from @jdsdevelopmentgroup



August 11th, 2017


From today, by me


You’re the man or woman Street :). I took the same as shots as the two.


Those tiles make me tingle in all the right ways


Man, the wikipedia page has this listed as a dead project! I had to come here just for reassurance!


Here we go.



Anyone else thinking of the “Let it Grow” song from The Lorax movie?


Great minds think a lot! :slight_smile:


'Allo Beautiful!!!


I’ll restate the main law governing tectonic and streetscaper. Newtons 3rd law.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

You guys should look around after a shot. I bet one of you is like 20 ft from the other, but just missed seeing each other.


Nice shots, Street!


Thanks Robert!


seeing the terra cotta has me trembling with excitement for the east and west facades.


I can barely keep myself together for when 360 cladding is up