NEW YORK | 111 Murray St | 792 FT | 58 FLOORS


Its not as curvaceous as I had anticipated but still a beautiful building.


The back part is curvier but right now it’s ruined by this hoist they won’t remove (even though people have moved in!)


They’re finally starting to take apart the hoist






Moved to complete. :beers:


This looks great, but that crappy union building on West and Barclay can’t come down soon enough.


I live right over there and that building is a horrible sore thumb. The sidewalk next to it literally smells like crap…
I think a boutique office building or nice hotel could do very well in that spot… something that’s not that tall but would improve the sidewalk experience there


I agree. I used to live in BPC. This building is horrible.


I personally find it kind of interesting. Not really a disgusting abomination but not a masterpiece. Not in a great state either.

The thing that makes me interested by it is the fact that it was spared from the demolition of the neighborhood in the 60s and the rerouting of the streets that followed. Before I knew anything about the renewal that happened I always wondered why it had a triangular area fronting Murray. The sign is also interesting too. Pretty hideous, but interesting.

I kinda like it, but if something great is gonna go there, I’d be fine letting it fall.


I think maybe a big overhaul of the current building could turn out nicely… restore the masonry, new windows, maybe extra floors…
That way some of the character could be preserved while still fixing the current trashiness of the property


I agree. It would look good (especially with Barclay-Vesey by it’s side) if it was actually cared for.




565 Broome Street is an elegant addition to the neighborhood. Last pic in series…very nice.




Dark streak top one third of building…what is that?


Just a reflection


Aahh, okay. Ty.