NEW YORK | 111 Murray St | 792 FT | 58 FLOORS


Taken today.


Nice one, amigo!


Theyve really got to get the window washing scaffold off the side of the building… it’s been tethered there for weeks


111 Murray in the background.

Credit: FC



we won’t be able to fully appreciate this tower until that lift comes down.


Yup no new pics until.


They’ll probably do what they did with 50 West and finish all the cladding but take their sweet time with internal work and leave the lift up for a year.


This along with One Manhattan Sq seems to be dragging towards completion. At least with this the cladding is mostly complete.


i’m sure the BMU incident slowed things down here.


I live close to this building— when you look in it at night, you can see that only about a dozen floors’ interiors have been finished, many are drywalled, and some of the upper ones are bare concrete as of now.
That hoist will probably be up for at least eight more months, if not longer. The service elevators in this building wouldn’t be efficient enough to do the job.





I think it’s worth mentioning that the location of 111 Murray places it either outside of or right on the border of what most native New Yorkers would call TriBeCa. Although these neighborhood boundaries are not precisely defined by anyone, the southern border of TriBeCa is generally considered as being either Chambers, Murray, or Vesey St. At best, one could make an argument that 111 Murray lies on the border between TriBeCa and FiDi/BPC.

The larger point however is that this Manhattan real estate trend of arbitrarily extending neighborhood borders beyond what native New Yorkers like myself would consider appropriate, purely as a marketing ploy, should be shown up for what it is. I think it’s almost funny that the official website for 111 Murray actually begins with headline “Tribeca Luxury Condominiums for Sale.” I would hope that potential buyers would be sophisticated enough to do their due diligence and clearly see that they’re buying a property that’s in FiDi, BPC, or on the border or outskirts of TriBeCa. This isn’t meant as a put down, far from it as there’s tremendous value to be had throughout Downtown. But let’s call a spade a spade.


I am a resident of this area and agree with you 100%. The borders are vague and the developers sometimes lie outright. There are BPC buildings named Tribeca Green/Park and advertised as if within Tribeca.
The area of southern tribeca/north BPC/WTC/FiDi is all increasingly a blur as the new developments in the neighborhoods blend their streetscapes


Great comment. The fact is the only official neighborhood boundary comes from the Manhattan Community Board. CB1 includes FiDi, BPC, and Tribeca. The only person lowly and dumb enough to try and distort reality like this is a Manhattan real estate broker. Although terribly mean, in my experience the single qualification for becoming a Manhattan broker is a pulse.


What is the area shaded in pink?


It’s referred to as Seaport/Civic Center.


the seaport, the administrative district (civic center as pointed out above) and a bit of chinatown.