NEW YORK | 111 Murray St | 792 FT | 58 FLOORS




Are they gonna fill in the holes anytime soon?


I’m sure, lots of interior work left still.


Great shot, TEc!

This looks really good!


There should be laws that all buildings have to use such good quality glass.
Would save us a lot of misery


Not to make things more complicated but the city kinda needs like an aesthetics board or something. I was looking all those new hotels in the West 30s-40s from near the entrance to the Lincoln today. They look terrible, especially since they’re so close to each other.


I agree, they’re practically squeezed in to small plots of land, jammed together and just look really cheap.



Glass is all the way up!


45 Park Place, Another great tower, is about to rise in that limited site! They’d cream for 45 Park Pl in Dallas, Houston, Atl, Charlotte, etc. Only in NY!!


Manhattan Bridge Meandering . . . November 16th, 2017 by mike reiss, on Flickr


19 dutch’s design together with 3 wtc form diamands from this perspective!


the crane is coming down. :smile:






Great shot, Arbre!!!


This building is elegantly beautiful–a great gift to the city.


Walked down West Broadway today. This one has a beautiful spot in the skyline. It is so much better looking than WTC1.


Will there be edge lighting on this?