NEW YORK | 111 Murray St | 792 FT | 58 FLOORS


Sooo I’m trying this new thing since I myself am not in NYC
I’m just going on snap stories and searching for U/C pics so this is from an hour ago and was taken from 1wtc
The quality is potato but something is something I guess





Great shots, Guys


These photos were taken exactly 11 months apart


Really great shots, WTC!!


Thanks, Robert! I can’t believe how fast 111 Murray just sprung up out of nowhere in less than a year! I bet in one month’s time, it’s gonna look even MORE complete!


I agree, WTC.

The amazing thing is that many new towers that are rising (1 Beckman, 25 Park Place, 45 Park Row, 77 Greenwich, 45 Broad, 125 Greenwich, etc) aren’t even visible yet. Hopefully, in another year, this view will be very different again.



Beautiful pics 5B


I agree


I also agree! Glass is 3 floors away from the roof!






Seems like flickr is playing games with you @Tectonic


Sick shot, 5B!

From the WFC ferry a couple days ago.


Nice shots, 5b and Tec





NYC Day 2 (32 of 43) by moggs1, on Flickr

Manhattan, NYC by Francisco Daum, on Flickr