NEW YORK | 111 Murray St | 792 FT | 58 FLOORS


Second shot is amazing!


Superb shots


Thanks all, that slight projection at the top is deceiving.


Great shots Tec!

I got these yesterday



Being that close to 1WTC makes it look tiny. Even when completed I bet.


Nice shots, jc


1WTC looks sexy AF in those pics too!


I agree. I think that 1 WTC looks great


Pretty good shots, JC_Heights!


Aerial of 111 Murray. Your definitely right toddbustard, being close to WTC1 makes this look lilliputian. Hard to believe it’s almost 800 ft when finished.

Credit: Phil Hoops


Given the Goldman Sachs tower to the right of it aka 200 West Street, this looks like it’s at the 720 ft mark .Approximately.


Damn, it’s ~800 feet?! The tallest building in my state (michigan) is only 700 feet!






This one is going up at a nice pace. When I was in NYC last June this was still below grade.


It definitely is!


Nice photos.


Thx. Tec


A look at the top.

Credit: Dance & Theatre