NEW YORK | 111 Murray St | 792 FT | 58 FLOORS


Great photo, Chris!


It has begun already, the more it grows, the more you will see it


Here’s how we will see the crown when the scaffolding comes off


February to June


Kudos Thomas… It looks incredibly real!!!


I agree!
You are a render artist for sure!
Good work, Thomas!


Well done!


Good job, Tom!


Taken on Super Bowl Sunday!!


Nice shot, VG!

Where were you?


I really like this building, it’s just a shame it will awkwardly block some of 1 WTC from West Street a bit…


photo by Arturo Pardavila, found on flickr.

Fog surrounds One World Trade Center and Lower Manhattan. by Arturo Pardavila III, on Flickr


Nice photo, Yim.


Thanks, RW! Pic was taken from 30 Park.



Were you in the bar or an apartment? How is it inside?

I wish that some of the crap on Church St would get redeveloped. It has potential.


It’s the condo portion. My friend just closed there last week. It’s very nice.

I agree about the crap on Church st. Hopefully soon things start to get redeveloped soon. Aren’t there already a couple of assemblages put togeather already for that area getting ready for some development?



He must have an amazing apartment!

There’s one assemblage on The east side of Church which will Yield a small, homely building.

There’s a smaller parcel further north on the west side of Church.

That horrible block just north of 30 Park must come down, and those two heinous office buildings across the street are super eyesores. Sadly, they will stay around forever.


I’d love to come up there and get some shots! Maybe even some for renders!


Credits to Thomas Koloski for finding this nice shot!