NEW YORK | 111 Murray St | 792 FT | 58 FLOORS


Progress diagram


Nice job, Tom


Pretty good update, Thomas! 🖒




Jan 4

Nice view!


Drove by this today. The glass is very dark. Almost like a deep, dark blue… You can see the reflection in RW’s photo’s above, but in person, its groovy and wicked how it reflects the light and shadows. I was very impressed.

This is definitely better than 50 west, tenfold. 50 West never impressed me like 111 Murray did today.


I agree, Chris.

This looks great.

I wonder if 125 Greenwich’s curved corners will be this prominent.


The floor this building is on so far (32) is aligned with the SoulCycle TriBeCa building which is 393 feet tall


1/7 (snow day)


Nice photos, VG


Cheers, RW!!


I really like this tower.

KPF and ShOP consistently produce outstanding work.


Jan 10



Now that it is over halfway up, it is just starting to break into the skyline from JC and Hoboken.

For reference, goldman sachs in the large bulky building to the right in the first pic is 749 feet. So 111 murray will be slightly taller when viewed from JC (goldman is slightly closer to the river).


Great photos, JC



Hopefully, the curved corners of 125 Greenwich will be equally dramatic!