NEW YORK | 111 Murray St | 792 FT | 58 FLOORS


Great photos , Brooklyn




photo by Thomas Bartelds, found on flickr.

"Downtown" by Thomas Bartelds, on Flickr


Nice photo!




I gasped.


Might just be me but it looks like they reached the floors that are beginning to flare out


Checking in the rendering, it looks like it has a little more to go and then it will start to flare out. Just comparing it to the surrounding buildings in the rendering and when it protrudes outwards.


Thanks. Must just be the construction netting tricking me


29 floors high


I made this for the group of men and women building 111 Murray


Nice work, Tom.


Thomas, you have real potential. If you learned typographic systems, you’d be golden! This is a great book that I had to use in school.




Wow! I’ll be damned! Way to go, Thomas!


Many reasons why I love zoning documents


Nice job, Tom.


looks like the construction crew gave the tower the holiday treatment for nights. They used to do that for 1 WTC.


What do you mean?


they’ve colored the lights.