NEW YORK | 111 Murray St | 792 FT | 58 FLOORS


17/58 floors



Nice photo!



Oct 25

I want the pos just south of 111 to come down. It will eventually, and it has the air rights for a MASSIVE super tall!


Really, that little brown building has big air rights? Or do you mean that whole block including the larger white building at 101 Barclay? They’re both pretty ugly – I’d love to see a modern supertall rise here, just North of One WTC, to shift the balance of the Lower Manhattan skyline.

Just don’t point out that site to the “rebuild the Twins” crowd… they’ll be calling for whatever rises here to be a One WTC clone.


How massive are we talking?


Marshall and Dalton,

I think that that brown building has around 300k-400k SF. It’s pretty massive. Some union is based there I think.

The brown building just south of it is beautiful.


Bob knows how to make me say OHIO!

I would welcome a 1,400 footer there!


Good one, Lion!


19 floors high!


Look what our render artist friend Thomas found!



Crane poking out on the skyline camera


Nov 8

They’re getting ready to install glass.

This PoS across the street should be redeveloped with a 1,000’ tower.




If I were building a tower in NYC I would call this construction firm 1st. My god they are fast.


Nov 14


25 floors high!