NEW YORK | 11 Hoyt Street (217 Livingston Street) | 620 FT | 52 FLOORS


Great shot, Tec!


good update on the store redevelopment as well.




winner winner chicken dinner, this building, both this and Brooklyn Pointe have great facades


I like that its not flat on any sides, unlike 8 Spruce.


After the rain today:


This Architectural design does everything right in terms of function: and still manages to pull off a beautiful form. Function: ‘punch windows’ instead of full glass curtain walls - interior spaces feel enclosed, rather than ‘exposed’. Function: large windows to maximize natural light coming in, and views looking out. Function: thick masonry exterior walls - the ‘enclosure’ and or ‘cocoon’ factor for the interior spaces. Form: a beauty of a building - the curves, the facets, the light colored and solid stone facade. The design overall has style and class; the gang knows what they are doing - good design.


It looks like a non-anally expulsive Gehry, that is to say something with some restraint and elegance.


This building catches light nicely.