NEW YORK | 11 Hoyt Street (217 Livingston Street) | 620 FT | 52 FLOORS



Seems like they left parts of the old garage and are reinforcing some columns. Looks like they are moving fast and are almost ready for parts of the foundation to be poured.


Getting the mat ready

From today




I forgot this one was under construction. Hopefully someone will get on the phone with Tishman for a rendering.


Woodrow Wilson !!!


much nicer than I expected. This will be the nicest looking new tower for Brooklyn other than 9 dekalb.


Nice enough.


I love it. It reminds me of 8 Spruce.



a few sources including the architect have this tower listed as 622’. I hope the 664’ is the official height, i’d like to see more towers in Brooklyn break the 200m (656’) mark.





The Livingston wall.




looks like a water spout nearly formed over the harbor


Wondering what they’ll do with all the space at street level.



Its just Chris burning all of the NIMBY propaganda and literature in the distance.




still waiting on a hero shot rendering…


Yesterday. You can see the open section on the base to the north of the tower for driving under the buliding like in the renderings.