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One Vanderbilt was designed to preserve views of both Chrysler (taper) and GCT (cantilevered base), and I would be shocked if this new tower gets approved without similar design considerations.

It’s obviously possible that just means a stumpy, blocky building, not tall enough to block views of Chrysler’s crown. But I hope we do get something tall that sets back or tapers away from 42nd Street. As the London CBD has proven, view-preservation can lead to some interesting designs, such as the Shard, Scalpel and Cheesegrater.

I wonder if it’s possible that the bulk of this tower could be situated further North /deeper into the superblock, sitting on top of/cantilevered over the Lexington Passage/Grand Central Market hallway in between the Grand Hyatt and the Graybar Building, like this:


If only 53W53 had risen here…