NEW YORK | 100 East 53rd St. (610 Lexington Ave.) | 711 FT | 65 FLOORS


Slowest building ever being built in NYC. While it’s not, it sure looks like it. They still haven’t finished the facade!


Construction elevator still up. At this rate it will never be finished.



This one is taking forever to wrap up.


I agree, sales might not be going that well for this one…


It’s a crappy area. This stretch of Lex has a lot of crap. I wouldn’t live there.





Is this asset stalled?


Think they’re just working on the interior.


This building is ok. Foster is a dick and generally reserves his worst work for NY. ShOP and KPF kick his ass.


Don’t forget Hearst Tower and his 2 WTC proposal was nice. :slight_smile:


Great shot!

This stretch of Lex needs a makeover. There are a lot of heinous buildings. I wouldn’t want to live there.



Construction elevators still in place almost a year after the exterior was done


yep, this one is taking its sweet time


construction elevator is gone finally


these mid-sized super-skinnies blend in pretty well.

Keep your head up, no matter what by Roman Kruglov, on Flickr


This was an ok design. Foster sucks.


This stretch of Lex needs a lot of work. The buildings there are largely depressing.


What about the Hearst tower? St Mary’s ax? He does some masterpieces