NEW YORK | 10 West 57th Street | 672 FT | 52 FLOORS


The should put one next to So Low’s Hamptons mansion.


I don’t think Related has any assemblages along W.57. That site you’re referring to is owned by Steve Roth (Vornado) who always takes forever to make up his mind re. development. He’ll put up a tower, eventually.

I am OK with Solow developing this block. His buildings are usually high quality, and the existing buildings, while nice, are anonymous and there are thousands of similar bldgs. But I want a supertall. I’ll be pissed if this ends up being a 700 ft. box.


Because homeless shelters normally are only open during sleep hours, and therefore dump all of their residents onto the street during the day with nowhere to go. If you put them in tourist areas it starts to impact their industry, as has been demonstrated already in Los Angeles (though they’ve rebounded lately), Anaheim, and San Francisco.

There are other places in the borough where the impact would be substantially less, and would cost less to operate them.

But the main problem is complaints about the city’s homeless and street hygiene problems.


There are already tons of homeless shelters in Midtown, for decades now, and I’m not aware of the tourist industry being negatively impacted. Midtown is bursting with tourists.

NYC isn’t SF, and we don’t have a remotely similar homeless situation. Our crappy winter weather, more professional police, and better homeless city agency, keeps the problem in check (at least compared to SF).


You’re right. I meant the site that Vornado owns with Lefrak.

57th’s charm is gone. Once the shmuck razed those buildings, it will be Just like any street that could be in Houston.




Interesting that the article claims SOM will be designing the building. It’s clearly a shame that the beauties presently on the site will disappear. But SOM is capable of designing a good building. They don’t always do good work but they are not automated square box folks. Maybe they will give us a good one.


I wouldn’t want to lose those buildings for something like One57, and yet, I am confident that we won’t get anything remotely like that. This will basically be a flat-topped glass box.


Here’s his other recent 57th street venture.


SOM is capable of building an office tower. That’s about it.


SOM has actually already designed a billionaire’s row tower at 252 E 57th. That turned out pretty well. The Baccarat on 53rd isn’t bad either. Solow is the unknown factor here, he might want another glassy black box.


This will be a travesty.

Anything for a shekel.



Always the nicer buildings.



Union Square has a lot of crazy and sketchy folks. But I know what your talking about with the folks there. Wasn’t too long ago that I witnessed a guy fondle himself on a Saturday night out at Herald Square. There frikin small kids nearby and the ahole is fondling himself.


NY has way more insane, high homeless than any other city that I’m aware of.


last year i got buzzed at my hotel then walked around the city late at night! it was insane! those crazy people sure calm down if you offer them a cigarette.


You need to visit SF, LA, Portland, Seattle or Philly. All have a vastly higher proportion of street people.

NYC, for a huge city, has relatively few visible homeless.


Sheldon Solow finally booted Metropolitan Antiques from 10 W. 57th St. The schlocky store, which plead guilty to illegally selling $4.5 million in elephant ivory, was the last holdout tenant to stand in Solow’s way to build a 52-story hotel, condos and retail Tower.

The conviction gave Solow the right to evict the store. Metropolitan fought back in court but the shop quietly vanished in the past week.

Solow’s new building will go up across the street from his iconic office tower 9 West and from an apartment Tower he’s putting up at 7 W. 57th


So Low!