NEW YORK | 10 Hudson Yards | 895 FT | 52 FLOORS


Fantastic update guys!

-Chris, I thought the open day was Today? (Thursday) Unless you were incredibly lucky to go last week?


It was last week. Its running from the 25th of March to April 3rd. It was really crowded when I went.


I’d say if you go, its better during a weekday. I went last year during a weekday and it was not packed. Weekends though a lot of people who know nothing about cars go and they bring their kids who touch the cars. There where a couple of scratches on 150k BMW, and it was a sacrilege. Plus they all scramble to get inside.

I was a little bummed out that the trucks where for the most part sealed. Last year you could go inside a f250 or f150 truck, but for some reason, they locked them.

The whole Belgium incident makes getting in a hassle. They definitely increased security. Not that it would help as theres a big crowd waiting by the metal detectors anyways. Eh, but I guess its the illusion of safety that we have to play by.


I went to the Auto Show too. I love it!

The new Boxster is amazing!

April 2nd



Wowie! I’ll be in NYC in 2 days I hope the weather gets better hahaha


How long you staying?


For 3 nights. I will be guiding a french choir associated with the opera of Strasbourg and I will make them visit the city. If you are in the area we will have a concert on the 12th of April at St Patricks cathedral at 4 pm. If you like choral music we will be doing some Händel, Mendelssohn Britten etc. Then we are moving up to Boston. Sorry for the self promotion haha.


I’m traveling for work, Robert. Had I been in NY, I would have tried to meet for some beers.






The OD at 30 HY will be breathtaking.



I can see the tower from my apartment in G. Village. The top of the building is made of a metal grid. It’s been like that for weeks. I’m wondering if the grid is going to show as it is now or are they going to clad it completely, you guys know?


There will be cladding. Its just temporary because they are still working on the crown.


Should end up looking like 30 Hudson


Interesting. So there will be large openings around and at top of the tower.


It looks like they covered it up? Or not hollow in a way when we zoom in.






The cranes are gone!

Credit to my good friend