NEW YORK | 10 Hudson Yards | 895 FT | 52 FLOORS


20161203-_IGP8248 by Bill Benzon, on Flickr


different model at different part of the showfloor


I soooooo want to go and see that! Do you know how long they will be there?


its a convention you have to be in the industry or buy a ticket which are 100$ plus


tomorrow is the last day if you really wanna go the convention is called icsc







It was a perfect day to walk the highline. So much wind it kept everyone away.


Nice photo!


They added a strip of color changing lights around the crown! It’s looking great!



Just some artwork I did


I noticed that the other night.

You can see it a little in this photo.


Nice! I’m enjoying the way developers are incorporating light elements into these new buildings. Like 432’s mechanical floors being lit up and One57’s light fixtures on the crown


Nice one, Tom


Amazing photos, 5b


A few more from last week.

The plaza out to hudson blvd is more open and they opened the new 2nd lobby entrance for L’Oreal, SAP etc. (at first only the Coach lobby entrance was accessible from this plaza). Kinda neat that they have 2 separate lobbies. Ill have to go in and take pics of the 2nd one. Coach lobby looks great.


Caught is kinda late…quick snap from West Village. Think it changes colors.



building logo.