NEW YORK | 10 Hudson Yards | 895 FT | 52 FLOORS


Yup. In post 295 the second pic shows 1mw steel going up and 3mw facade almost complete.



Imagine that with 30 HY, One Vandy, et al!!!


…and imagine if the vantage point included Journal Square – in ten years it would be plastered with 600’+ buildings from foreground to rear!


Yimby, that nearly became a rhyme. Haha but a goos point. So many new skyscraper hotspots are developing, and the already established ones are just getting bigger and bigger.






What a stunning picture you found, VG!





I saw that before, I was like holy crap. The Super Star Destroyer is 12 times longer than an Imperial Star Destroyer


08/28/16 4:42 PM


That has nothing on the Independence Day ship.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/msdinda-ec002.jpg

And the invasion scene!

I want the new independence day to include all of the new towers, and then I want the ship to of course obliterate the area.




Very good shots, JC_Heights!


Thanks Dragon





Beautiful capture!


How wonderful timing, JC_Heights!


photo by Justin Whiteford/themodulorman, found on flickr.

Untitled by Justin Whiteford, on Flickr


From 9/16