NEW YORK | 10 Hudson Yards | 895 FT | 52 FLOORS


I actually kinda like dreary weather (not all the time) I find it relaxing. Well that and I am a bit light sensitive.


If 10 Hudson Yards is visible from that spot, then the other towers of the yards wil be as well!


You can also see it from 4 World Trade too!

My photo from February


Whoa, how nice!


Fiery sunset sky #EmpireStateBuilding on the eve of Independence Day. by mitzgami, on Flickr




Great pic Tectonic. When was that taken? I drove home from work tonight and noticed that there is more of that white/lighter colored cladding almost surrounding the crown. I never noticed it before today at all. It’s noticed in your pic on the bottom right side of the crown. Makes it look even better I think.







Diamond :ring:



These crystals will look impressive during snowy days. :snowflake::comet:


Actually quite excited for that!


10 Hudson is arguably one of the more beautifully bizarre designs out there. Alien in nature. Likewise for Ingels Pyramid. Yet, they work wonderfully and create a synergy and interconnectedness between the past, present, and well into the future. This is NY. The new NY. Not just modern, but now, futuristic. Where way past modern with regards to Hudson Yards. Each tower a staple of progressive 21st century thinking that borders even on what we may see in the 22nd Century. Breaching and breaking the threshold between modernism and futurism.




I would love to see some current pics like this in comparison to finished renders


July 21st






You and I took the same route!