NEW YORK | 10 Hudson Yards | 895 FT | 52 FLOORS


The first picture is also OUT OF THIS WORLD. That is what you call a large cumulus.


No tripod so a bit blurry


Still a nice picture, Tectonic.
It’s worth it! :wink:


Better. Summer dawn…


Like this picture as well, Tectonic! ^^
And this tower is almost complete!


I did the.highline yesterday and the connection to Coach tower is structurally done. The just do some.exterior work and I .guessing work on the.atrium inside the tower




What a splendid picture you found, VG!
Love the red moon over the skyline! :slight_smile:


Today from Stevens



did you take the photo?

If so in person how the quality compare to say the interior of Rockefeller Center or Seagram building?


I did.
Well, unfortunately most modern architecture quality is not the same as in the old days. There is no attention to details.

GE building crown 1931


kinda figured as much. If this was an old school building the rail on the stairs would be black marble instead of the fairly cheap looking white whatever that material is(thinking it is just concrete). The wall on the left looks quite well done.

Whether you agree with his views or not, this is what I think Trump typically gets right. High quality materials.





L’Oréal Started to move in today. It will still take months for everyone to come over from 5th ave. so maybe it will still be a little while until everyone moves out from the old Coach building as well.




Minutes Ago


Nice photo, VG!

JULY 1st



kinda a dreary day in NYC it seems.


Yes it is.

Taken from outside 7wtc