NEW YORK | 10 Hudson Yards | 895 FT | 52 FLOORS




Awesome shot ! Wow




From hoboken today


So dominate. This has to be the most dominant sub supertall I have ever seen


June 14th




Hey Rob, can we get another picture from your office sometime soon?


I will, Tom.

You can now see the cranes for 30 HY from my window!


This one below is a bit old, but me likes.



Nice Robert, rising quick!


June 16th


Nice! Once upon a time, I believe that shot from your office window only had 10 HY!

And now 3 MW is standing tall along 10HY. 3 MW ascent has been pretty fast.


From today


That middle pic is taken from hoboken. That sailboat went down during sandy I think, and the mast is still sticking out of the water!


How curious about the sailboat mast!
And your pictures are stunning and beautiful! As so is the building!
Way to go, JC_Heights! :smiley:


Thanks Dragon!


Great updates all around JC! Great pics. Cheers.




love the cutout section of the tower



Middle picture is a beautiful find, VG.