NEW YORK | 1 World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS


great news!!

if only they finished cleaning it,
ah a girl can dream


Hmmm seems something is going on at the East Entrance. I doubt its the beginning of finishing it off (though I’d like to hope that is the case) but they also brought in a crane so I’m wondering if it’s for 1 WTC or for the PAC hole. Side note,there has been a piece of the overhang at the South entrance missing for almost a month now, the piece that has the letters “W” and “O” on it…so basically it says “One rld Trade Center” right now :unamused: Something that should have been replaced right away is of course taking them 10,000 years to do so.


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Will the news of ION using the antenna of 1WTC for future broadcasting mean dishes to be installed on the crowns ring? This was mentioned quite a few years back when the crown and spire got downgraded as the dishes would fill the ring out.


speaking of the spire, I haven’t noticed the beacon in some time. Either it’s busted, turned down, or shut off. Anyone know why?


It’s on, it just stopped rotating because they don’t care enough to fix it. Just like the dead led panels on the base



I love the way the 8 isosceles triangles make it looks like it’s twisting!


WNJU will go on-air from 1 WTC next week when it begins latenight transmission testing, Lyons said.

Already, the station’s transmitter is in place, and testing into a dummy load has begun.

Over the coming months, the station will be joined by WNBC, WCBS, WPXN and WNET on the building, Lyons said.

WCBS is up next, although it has not yet installed its transmitter in the broadcast room located on the 90th floor of the building, he said.


“A temporary window washing unit will be in place by the end of the summer and new permanent rigs will be finished in 2018,” said spokesman Jordan Barowitz.


Well, at least we got some news


That explains those terrible lines on the building. That’s 5 years and more of dirt on some areas?


It’s honestly ridiculous this has not been taken care of sooner. The lack of care for what is supposed to be a monumental tower is appalling.


Also, 4 WTC is dreadfully filthy as well and has a window that needs to be replaced on the East face. These towers are so neglected I really don’t get why.



What window?


You kinda get a sense of ‘meh’ from these towers. Maybe cost cutting? I hope the same doesn’t happen at 2 WTC.


Pic by me. Taken today. 5/27/17


It just baffles me how careless the PA is with this tower. This is THEIR crown jewel project besides the Oculus, you would think considering their twin towers were destroyed and employees were lost that more care would be given to 1 WTC. Apparently not. They can’t even be bothered the spruce up the planter on West Street with nice flowers or replace the dead trees that I saw as well. The planters on the original plaza were always nicely done. It’s pathetic these days. As for 2 WTC…the LEAST anyone can do is build it as planned whether its Foster BIG. We don’t need another watered down tower here…time to cap off this project the right way. The city deserves it.


It’s on the east face, I wanna say somewhere between 40-50th floor. I’ve noticed it has needed to be replaced for a while. Sad they can’t even be bothered to do that. These towers deserve the VIP treatment.