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I know this news is very old, but I think you all will like to take a look!

The first UHF panel, part of a 40-foot RFS antenna is being installed at One World Trade Center




Well the temporary rig is out again today only cleaning the observatory windows. I really don’t get how or why the PA and Durst are letting this tower sit in filth.


Well we now have our answer on why the windows haven’t been washed yet on 1 WTC:.

A majority of the windows at One World Trade Center haven’t been washed since 2015, because the system used to suspend the washers isn’t safe, a representative for the Durst Organization TRData LogoTINY told The Real Deal. Typically, a boom at the top of the building lowers a window-washing rig that moves horizontally as the boom moves along a track on the roof. But in early 2016, Durst noticed that welding in the track — where pieces of metal are joined together — was riddled with cracks. The track, built in 2013, also has undersized bolts and suffers from other design flaws, said Jordan Barowitz, a spokesperson for Durst.

“The window washing units at One World Trade Center have failed and are being replaced,” Barowitz said in a statement. The developer is in the process of finding a company that will build a new system, which is expected to cost millions of dollars (though a total price has yet to be determined).



Is that new ring around the roof the new window washing track? I hope not its quite visible…


Looks like the east plaza between 1 WTC and the PAC will be used for events…kind of like the old plaza. Makes me a bit happy:)

A Programmed Plaza: One World Trade Center, next door to the center, is managed by the Durst Organization and Boepple said she has had discussions with Douglas Durst, the chairman, about the space between the two buildings. “It is a very nice plaza in there,” she said. “It gets kind of windy from time to time so we’re doing the wind studies, but I think there will be interesting, lively things going on there when the weather is cooperative.“


The new “One World Commons” area on the sky lobby level opened today. I think it was a neat idea to use the space as a sky lobby/amenity area and conference center. Thought it takes away some office space, I think tenants will enjoy it, especially since the top half of the tower is beginning to fill up.








Something happening at the base



Warm weather coming up this week!





Wondering if this tower will ever get washed. It seems they finished the new rigs so I don’t see why they haven’t gone down yet. Then again, the South Tower was stained for what seemed like its entire existence so I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t gets a good scrub in the next decade.


Somethings going on at the East Entrance. Hopefully the beginning of finishing this entrance up already.


Channel 31 WPXN (or ION) is returning broadcasting to 1 WTC. This marks 5 of 9 channels originally in the North Tower back at 1 WTC,


That’s an interesting news.
Good find, StrongIsland.


One World Trade Center on May 13, 2017


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