NEW YORK | 1 World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS


I just noticed that myself. Was going to ask the same question. You beat me to it! :wink:


This might go toward explaining why they haven’t been washing the filthy, filthy windows.








Still wishing they would clad the entire mast with the antenna covers. I still shudder at seeing that toothpick from a distance.


I agree. Bring back the radome!!!


I wish! At least the plus side is we know in the future it can be covered completely. Hopefully someone will make it happen one of these days!


By the way does anyone know if the future East entrance will be public? I’m assuming not as it has access to the main lobbies unlike the west side entrance…but then again I’m thinking PATH riders will be able to use the east entrance? I remember back when we were still getting Windows II that the restaurant patrons were going to be directed through the east entrance…so I’m not sure what the plan is now…


It will be an entrance for a major tenant, like how Condé Nast occupies most of the lobby


Ah I see. Figured that. I guess it doesn’t really matter because PATH riders can technically use West Entrance. I’ve used it several times even though I felt like the Observatory staff was just looking me down lol


Also…interesting bit of news. The entire 64th floor will now be a sky lobby/common area rather then renting the other half out to tenants, I’m mixed on this idea…maybe because I’m used to the shared sky lobby/offices in the twins, but this is kind of neat for the tenants in the tower. It will feature a cafe, game room, meeting rooms and reception area for upscale tenants on the upper floors.




I’m wondering if anyone has any clear answers on why they still have not resumed washing windows already? Tower 4 FINALLY is having its windows cleaned as I type this but for some reason they stopped here at Tower 1. It’s quite ridiculous.




If only the entire mast was clad in the antenna wrap. It really makes a big difference…sigh…


Let us not forget Durst’s legacy on this tower.



A damn shame…


Do you think that in say 20 years down the road, they may bring back the old design on the spire? Because admittedly WTC is a gorgeous tower until you see the current spire.


I hope sooner than that it will be remedied! It’s an embarrassment to NYC and a shame to such a symbol of 9/11!