NEW YORK | 1 World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS


They didn’t add the originally planned cladding because the spire would vibrate and might even damage itself with the powerful winds. This was proven in the wind tunnel tests.

This great documentary by PBS, at 37:14 to 38:25, explains it.

I agree about its beauty with the cladding, and yet, as shown in your pictures, that part of the spire it’s having a different kind of cladding. And as I wrote, “I hope it turns out well”.


That whole wind test is bs. They redesigned the randome after that test only to scrap it for cost once Durst came along.


The antenna bands aren’t as nice as the radome but they are better than the naked spire.


Oh interesting. I didn’t know that about the wind tests.

Still, I don’t understand why they couldn’t adjust the design rather than scrap the sheath/radome altogether.

I’m also annoyed that they seem to be applying this new sheath to just some sections. So each section will still look inexplicably different, which is my my main complaint about how it looks now.


After looking at that photo and a render from 2012, this is what the spire will look like

Original photo by Earthcam


Great render. Thanks.

Dumb “design”. I really hope they find a way to at least put the same kind of sheath on all sections.


I have hope wrt a sheath, but not much. This is still an improvement visually even if that is not the purpose of the antennas.


From hudson yards 9/16


Today, from Chelsea




One World Trade Center earns LEED Gold Award


Why are some of the windows still darker than the others?




Actually, Dennis, I don’t really know exactly why, but wish I knew.
Anyone else here knows?


It’s because the lighter windows are still dirty from construction. I’m not sure why they have stopped cleaning because they really need to finish, but the darker glass panels are the ones that have so far been washed.


Ah, now I see!
Thanks for the answer and welcome to the Yimby Forums, StrongIsland! ^^


You got it, and thanks! Glad to be here!


You might be right but I think its because some windows were put in place after the construction elevator, for example where the construction elevator used to be there is a visible line of windows that don’t resemble the rest of the buildings’ windows in terms of color. This is I believe the case in some other buildings across the city.


I can see most of this building from my desk. I’ve been watching it over the past two years, so I’ve been watching it for a long time and in all different light.

There was a time right after the construction elevators came down that some windows looked different for that reason, on the west and east sides. The newly-installed windows were cleaner. But there were never construction elevators on the south side, facing the memorial.

They started washing windows last summer… and never finished. They’ve done almost no washing this summer. Most of the difference in window color is now indeed from unwashed windows.


is there something wrong with the BMUs? Why are they using this rig?