NEW YORK | 1 World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS



Wait till you see my shots in less than 2 weeks!


Looking forward to see them, Thomas! ^^:+1:








great news! the PA needs to get the heck out of real estate which doesn’t pertain to their duties.


Take a look at that!


I saw some F-15’s flying rather low over southern NY today (north of the city), maybe they were doing a photo shoot? You don’t see things like that every day over a highly populated area.

edit: ah.


Heard them in Brooklyn too. Can’t imagine what it’s like live with that sound every day.


You get used to it, lived near a bombing range my whole life.


Seriously. This thing needs a bath. Is there something wrong (still) with the window washing equipment?


They’re changing the spire!


I had a odd feeling that they would alter it. I mean, it looks a lot closer to the original one. I guess that could be seen as a plus.


I hope it turns out well!


They are going to change that lower part too? That would be great!


What’s being installed on certain sections of the spire are actually antenna bands for broadcasting, but they are making it appear better.


Then what is the point of the giant “communications rings” right below that?!


I really wish they’d just install the sheathing, as originally designed. It was so much nicer-looking.


The antenna will house other means of broadcasting that are seperate from what will be on the communication rings. The spire is mostly for VHF and UHF array antennas bands, while the com rings will house microwave dishes.