NEW YORK | 1 World Trade Center | 1,776 FT (spire) / 1,368 FT (parapet) | 104 FLOORS


From my understand it could be one large anchor tenant or several smaller ones. I believe the stipulation is to have something like close to 1 million sq ft of the tower leased to secure funding? Or close to that. It’s just easier to secure one large anchor tenant of that size versus looking for a bunch.


I think 400k-600k sqft of leasing was the number being thrown around for the minimum to restart construction. I imagine it would be extremely time consuming to piecemeal that amount of space from smaller companies and no company would want to sign a letter of intent without a guarantee that the tower would be fully financed.


Thanks for the responses.


Looks like this deal fell through. I wonder who these supposed “better offers” have come from. That middle section needs to be filled already!


Radio Station K104.7 has moved their broadcasting equipment to 1 WTC…


Spire has been off for almost a week now. Wonder what’s going on…


Is that the beacon shining at the top? I can’t tell.


Yeah beacon is still on…I’m guessing the lights may need to be repaired or something along those lines. They’ve been off since 09/10.


Is the beacon still broken, like it doesn’t rotate?

Also I thought they had the lights off as a deference to the 9/11 Tribute. Didn’t realize they were broken. This poor tower.


So they totally built these new BMUs and now they just rotate them around the ring but never actually use them… just like the old ones


The spire lights are back on, by the way