NEW YORK | 1 Beekman St | 335 FT | 25 FLOORS




Wow!! What a beautiful building!!!

I hope that Cook Fox ups their game next door!


This design looks pretty good.

From yesterday. Looks like they are starting excavation.


Yep, the big drilling rig is gone. There’s still a small one on the property, but it appears the main pilings are done and they’re starting on the foundation now.


Digging digging…


This will be really beautiful.


Looks great from those renders. It would be cool if they redesigned the one next door to look more like 1 beekman.




UrbanMuse in their portfolio section states a spring 2018 completion, so this should rise pretty quick.


Name assigned to the tower “Pearl on the Park”.


This will be stunning!


Nov 8

There’s a lot of activity!

These gems warrant a stunning new neighbor!


I went inside the hotel at 5 Beekmam today. It’s magnificent!!!

Dec 2


great update, its clearly under construction now. Downtown’s post-9/11 Renaissance continues! It will eventually culminate with 2 WTC, 125 greenwich, 80 South Street, and 45 Broad Street. Not to mention several others.


I agree, YIM. 80 South too…







Great photos, JC


Jan 4