NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS


2 is officially moving forward and why not? Some might argue it’s a stronger location than Hudson yards and 1 is mostly full before completion


Nice! Hopefully this will keep Moinian from proceeding with 3 Hudson rather than embolden them.


Agreed. The only downside here is it continues to take away from a prospective 2wtc tenant. Although, I stopped holding my breath on that years ago


Moinian isn’t building 3H on spec, and no one would finance it. Brookfield must have very serious commitments that are all but signed, otherwise, it wouldn’t proceed. 50 HY and The Spiral, which will be open well before 2MW or 3H, will have millions of sf of new, empty space.


I would be surprised if 2 WTC started before 2025.

3 WTC, the most recently opened and 1 WTC combined have above 2M sf of space available

2 MW has around 2M sf available
50 HY has around 2M sf available
Spiral has around 2M sf available
One Vanderbilt has around 800K sf available

In just these major buildings that’s around 9M sf of unspoken for space - equivalent to the floor area of both original WTC towers put together


I think that it’s very possible for 2 WTC to start well before 2025. A lot of firms are always looking for space in NY. For all we know, IBM, for example, could leave its Armonk, NY HQ and build at the WTC. I could also see Amazon leasing a huge block of space at the WTC, besides its new tower in LIC.


Eventually there will be a company already downtown that is looking to move out of its cramped 60’s office space, and will decide to stay in the area.



Got that from their marketing website.

Curbed got this rendering as well from Brookfield

This will look so good. But I can already imagine all the tourists and workers occupying the plaza lol


the base in the first tower is definitely more interesting


Agreed. The North Tower needed to be cantilevered over the tracks while I don’t think the South Tower will need to be as it has perimeter columns at the base. The complete lack of perimeter columns in the base of the North Tower is unique in NYC.

The times did a neat article on the North Tower a few years back.







Is that the second tower under construction?


Not yet. They might be doing some initial work in the pit, but I think someone else posted a month or two ago that foundation work would commence this fall. I wonder if the recent announcements to move forward have altered the schedule.

I bet a major reason to move forward on the South tower now is that when the North tower and retail open there will be much less space on site for staging materials. Not to mention that tenants paying premium for the brand new space won’t be pleased with construction noise for years on end.


The above ground portion appears to be part of the 2-3 story ground level retail concourse.


The foundation work started about a year ago. It is very complicated because the foundations actually fall between the train tracks leading into penn station. It is very slow work that can only be done on weekend track outages.

There should be more visible progress this year as the foundations in the open area are completed


Good to know. If you are involved in construction or engineering would you mind me asking how the train vibrations affect the decision to go with steel or reinforced concrete as a building material?

I was pretty impressed when 35 HY had those big steel columns from the tracks transition to concrete above.

Also, do you know anything about the decision to have the North tower to cantilever and the South tower not when both seem to have similar issues at the foundation level?


it doesnt play in any meaningful way.

If they could have done perimeter columns at the north they would have. it was truely not possible due to the track configuration. At the south there is a different configuration with space for a column line.