NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS


For those who think this is a thick tower just wait for 50 HY and the Spiral. Their smallest floors at the top are 35-40K sf - the size or larger than floors at the base of 1 MW.



Just want to bump this comment by sidestreet. Let that soak in, the size for the Spiral and 50 HY relative to 1 MW, which is massive itself.

I recall someone on SSP “recently” saying that NY builds nothing but skinny towers, and we know this is all bs. We build monoliths that set records. Fat and bulky is still in style. From office to residential, you got a functionality, we make it fat!

Excellent post sidestreet!



Thanks Chris.

Unfortunately for a given allowable building area, a girthy tower means a shorter tower. Hudson Spire was an early idea for the Spiral site and could have been double the height of the BIG-designed building we’re getting.

Spiral and 50 HY look like they were designed to entice financial services tenants. Both have bases ideal for trading floors (60K+ sf) and sacrifice monster views for functionality. Was it a good design choice? For now they each only have the anchor tenant.

1 MW on the other hand has midsize floorplates (as does the top 2/3 of 30 HY) and is 90% preleased to a variety of tenants.



This tower is a disappointment. It’s ok, but it could have been spectacular with either a slanted roof or some sort of crown.

It’s still better than the 1,000’ pile of feces aka 50 HY though.


Yeah, it just looks like they ran out of money and capped it off. :roll_eyes:


I love this one personally. I see it as the most exciting boring box but that’s my opinion


I like it. Clean, not boxy, beautiful gentle curves and slopes. When paired with building 2 I think it will shine.


I dislike how the roof ends abruptly. It’s disjunctive with the curves elsewhere on the tower.




Crane coming down


2:56 PM 01/19/19




Beautiful shot :slight_smile:


Thanks the726




This will look awesome with regular office lighting and the crown lit.


Crane coming down