NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS


5 Manhattan West, aka 455 West 33rd Street


The NHL HQ might relocate here.


Nice. Skadden Arps has increased their square footage to a total of 620k sf!




There’s steel at street level.



Manhattan West


New renders from Curbed today:


I can’t believe this is actually starting to rise! It has honestly felt like forever for this to start!

From when the plans were originally proposed with a ~380m tall building, the platform which itself was a few years back, I honestly expected these to start rising when 10HY did. Many projects have been proposed and completed within this time.

It’s been a long wait, let’s hope it’ll be worth it!


May 26th



That is an insane amount of progress – feels like the deck was completed almost overnight. Once these are done the gap in the West Side will barely exist!


I agree, Yimby. Did you notice that the beams are above ground?


No, good catch – and that means things should begin to happen quickly!


I agree. I was shocked when I walked by and saw beams above street level!


Such impressive sights these renderings present!


I think MW is one of those developments that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Its odd too, because the whole complex is 7 million square feet. Add that to the 17 million plus in HY. And thats not even including the surrounding proxies, just the yards!

But I think once people start to realize just how big it is, essentially a WTC complex, it will be the focus of big attention. Not just tall for the area, but bulky. Will make for a intimidating scene when leaving Penn Station (Facing West).

Its going to get a lot more crowded with the influx of new workers and residents surrounding Penn and HY itself. I don’t mind it though. The crowds, the sirens, the crazy people talking to jesus and hustlers selling MSG tickets by the escalators, I love it. New York is nothing without its street life. :slight_smile:


Manhattan West is not the flashiest, but it adds to overall experience to the Hudson Yards overall. I’m a fan of this development and Brookfield does amazing things as far as events on their properties. Th word is…Whole Foods may set up shop there, which would be badly needed for this upcoming and amazing hood.


you cant have gentrification without whole foods.


Lol. True. That and Starbucks


6 Screen: Manhattan West

Also, ultimately I hope when the time comes, they will build the other twin taller. Crossing my fingers.