NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS







This tower is an enigma: It looks different from virtually every angle!



Looks like there is no room for another tower.



I think it’ll look spectacular when the second tower is built.


One was shortened right? These are all nice towers but just such a high concentration of glass. 35 is a relief.


Copiloting (1 of 1) by Julia, on Flickr


I can’t wait for 2 West to start going vertical in earnest, if for no reason than it will help to deflect attention away from the Eugene!


I agree. The Eugene is such a garbage tower.


Yeah, they were originally to be the same height, but 2 got a haircut.

And I agree with you about the glass and 35 as well (the nicest tower of them all).
I love this quote: "’Blue glass is the pleated khaki of facades,’ [Gregg] Pasquarelli [SHoP] told Dezeen. ‘While some are spectacular, many glass facades have become a default design solution, usually when the client or the architect is out of ideas. These buildings often make bad neighbours, and are difficult to furnish or to hang art in your home.’”

That’s why 3 Hudson Blvd and The Spiral (which would be much better in clear glass) are also disappointing to me. They saw that the site is full of blue glass and thought: “why not more?”


The glare effects are pretty intense as well.






Glass overdoss. You don’t see new office towers like 383 Madison anymore.