NEW YORK | 1 + 2 Manhattan West | 995 FT + 935 FT | 67 + 56 FLOORS


The curved glass makes it better than a box, but the curve isn’t too dramatic and the flat roof stinks.


I agree that it’s just ok.


Then again, office buildings in the US tend to be boring. Even this exceeds all office towers under construction in Chicago. Even London has started hitting the snooze button on large office towers.


Brexit stalled many if not most significant expansion plans in the UK esp by foreign entities. Subsequent EU negotiations have not eased that situation.

I have to agree that MW is a little bit of a letdown, both the individual buildings and complex as a whole.

Other projects which required specialized construction at the base (think of citicorp center) have produced buildings more dynamic at top and bottom. SOM is a conservative firm.


I wish the angled facade on the east would reach the west instead of ending at a flat roof. Its too bad they don’t design buildings with future additions in mind.





Nice photo.


Pic by me. Taken 7-14-18.

20180714_193819 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


the steel is quickly approaching the top of the core.




It’s a lovely shape, I just wish they didn’t go with a flat roof


I agree. A slanted roof would have improved this dramatically. It’s merely ok. It could have been worse; 50 HY is a snooze fest.


Has anyone noticed that unlike almost every other glass facade building u/c in New York, there are no broken/missing ones with the black plywood filled in?


Are you referencing Philadelphia :joy:



Via Earthcam. Just now. Along with every other super tall rising. :slight_smile:




Kinda funny how this is mimicking its brothers across the way (30 and 10 HY). Taller building to the north, shorter building to the south.